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Glass Skin Glow Luminous Mask

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Unveil the secret to achieving the coveted glass skin look with our Glass Skin Glow Luminous Mask. This highly-concentrated peptide mask is your ticket to a dewy, luminous complexion that radiates with health and vitality.

Key Benefits:

  • Revitalizing: Say goodbye to dullness and irritation as our peptide mask breathes new life into your skin.
  • Brightening: Achieve a radiant, even skin tone that leaves you glowing from within.
  • Hydrating: Quench your skin's thirst with deep and lasting hydration.
  • Calming: Soothe irritated and inflamed skin, restoring balance and comfort.

Suitable for: All skin types, but especially effective for those with dry, dull, irritated, or inflamed skin.

Concentrated Active Ingredients:

1. Gentian Root Extract:

  • Intense skin brightening that inhibits the formation of melanin.
  • Soothes damaged skin, promoting a healthier appearance.

2. Sodium Hyaluronate:

  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Improves skin elasticity for a youthful, firm complexion.
  • Soothes damaged skin, leaving it smooth and supple.

3. Beta-Glucan:

  • Delivers an excellent hydrating effect, quenching your skin's thirst.
  • Forms a moisturizing film on the skin's surface, providing a protective layer.
  • Leaves your skin feeling finer, smoother, and deeply hydrated.

4. Cornus Officinalis Fruit Extract:

  • Eliminates free radicals and heavy metal ions.
  • Offers antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and whitening effects.
  • Strengthens sensitive skin, creating a resilient, healthy barrier.

Volume: Each package contains 30g x 5 masks, ensuring you have plenty of opportunities to achieve your glowing glass skin goals.

Experience the transformative power of our Glass Skin Glow Luminous Mask and step into a world of radiant, youthful, and revitalized skin. Elevate your skincare routine and embrace the luminous glow you deserve.

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