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Cell Action Treatment


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Cell Re-Activation in just 30 minutes!

  • Skin Resurfacing with Enzyme & Probiotics!
  • Cell Renewal Tech: 42 Types Probiotics & Enzymes,
    - Continuously Cell Renewal to regenerate fresh skin cells, Improved Cell Turnover.
    - Cell will be activated to its full potential, that goes beyond traditional skincare method.
  • NANO Tech: Effective absorption!
  • Instant Results on Skin Texture & Outlook!
    - Brighter & Lighter Skin Tone
    - Lighter pigmentations & scars
    - Finer Pores
    - Smoothes Dullness
  • Pain-free, No Redness, Non-Invasive & Quick Process!



Step 1: Skin Analysis & Consultation
Step 2: Double Cleansing
Step 3: Floral Calming Toner
Step 4: Recovery Complex Oil
Step 5: Cell Action Booster
Step 6: Regene Vibrant Cream
Step 7: Intense Bio-Repair Cream
Step 8: Renewal Solution Emollient
Step 9: Sun Protection Skin Care
Step 10: Results Analysis

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